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Aura Massage is a new concept of tantra massage and erotic massage in Barcelona.

A unique experience of maximum relaxation and intimacy.

All our tantra massages and erotic massages are naturist. Trough nudity we estimulate the sexual energy.

Welcome to Aura massage Barcelona. The best studio of tantra massage and erotic massage in Barcelona. Our goal is to make you on a pleasure trip and total relax trough caresses. The tantric massage will help you calm and will relax to mind as wellas improve your sex life. Own tantra massage are unique and unforgettable. You let the hands of an expert in the art of tantra massage and erotic massage take you to a unknown world.

Why visit Aura Massage Barcelona ?

Because we know that every minute of your life is sacred. We offer an exclusive room in a quiet, relaxing and intimate environment, away from stress and routine. Here you can find everything you need. The privacy and attention with our clients is fundamental. We take care of every detail so that you feel unique. You will only have to think about enjoying your tantra massage and your erotic massage.

What is tantra massage?

Tantric massage for Hindus is the process by which they achieve personal growth through pleasure. This is based on the belief that if you are happy on a regular basis, you will be so healthy. It is a massage that makes your sex life grow. This massage is a totally naked practice with this the perception is more pleasant and intense. The purpose is to know your own body, erogenous zones and you feel full physical and spiritual. It is a sensual massage, energizing and loving. Everyone in life should try a tantric massage.

 Tantric Massage In Your Barcelona Hotel

If you are visiting on a business trip, or simply on holiday in Barcelona; Why not make your free time even more relaxing? With our erotic tantric massage, your relaxation will be absolute and pleasant. Massages from 130 euros. taxi included. call and book your massage, we guarantee a unique moment you will never forget.

The pleasure of a good erotic tantric massage can bring you back to life.

Quality, exquisiteness and professionalism.

Important: we only deal with appointments of at least one hour in advance to guarantee availability, either at your hotel room or at our office. Reservations for your tantric massage at the hotel will be attended until 11pm for safety issues.

tantra massage in Barcelona


Aura is an independent masseuse who has been in tantric massage world for more than 8 years. It can be said that it is one of the best tantra massage alternatives in Barcelona…

tantra massage in Barcelona


Our tantra massage services in Barcelona are exclusively tantric massages; we do not offer sexual services

tantra massage in Barcelona


For arranging an appointment, please request it 1 hour in advance to guarantee our availability and plan your tantric massage session in Barcelona successfully…

Any question or do you want a Tantric massage in Barcelona?



We are sure you will be delighted and want to repeat.

We guarantee a quality and professional service.