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Aura Massage is a new concept of tantra massage in Barcelona

created by an independent masseuse with more than 8 years of experience in the world of tantric massage

Tantra massage is a different way of feeling, from genitalia to sensitivity indicated for emotional, physical and spiritual relaxation that leads to a deep feeling of wellbeing. You will feel mind, body and spirit joining together.all at least once in life should try a tantric massage, it is a feeling that can not be explained, you have to experience it

Aura, or any of our masseuse, will come to your hotel for enjoying a unique experience. If you wish, we also have an exclusive office in the center of Barcelona for customers looking for a Zen environment.

Our services are exclusively tantric massage; we do not offer sexual services. Therefore, we ask respect and enjoy the art of caresses. It is a totally respectful touch of both parties and everything is done with full awareness. Let yourself be wrapped in the sea of ​​sensual delights that aura massage offers you.You will realize sex is not necessary for living a great experience.


Important: we only deal with appointments of at least one hour in advance to guarantee availability, either at your hotel room or at our office. Reservations for your tantric massage at the hotel will be attended until 11pm for safety issues.

tantra massage in Barcelona


Aura is an independent masseuse who has been in tantric massage world for more than 8 years. It can be said that it is one of the best tantra massage alternatives in Barcelona…

tantra massage in Barcelona


Our tantra massage services in Barcelona are exclusively tantric massages; we do not offer sexual services

tantra massage in Barcelona


For arranging an appointment, please request it 1 hour in advance to guarantee our availability and plan your tantric massage session in Barcelona successfully…

Any question or do you want a Tantric massage in Barcelona?

We are sure you will be delighted and want to repeat.

We guarantee a quality and professional service.