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Tantric massage in Barcelona

The unique experience of maximum relaxation and privacy

Let my expert hands trained in art of tantric massage and erotic massage take you to a whole new world.  Break the routine!

Welcome to Aura Massage Barcelona, the best erotic massage and tantric massage in Barcelona. My goal is to take you on a pleasure trip of total wellness through caresses. The tantric massage will help calm and relax your mind as well as improve your sexual activity. I offer you an exclusive space in a quiet and private atmosphere, where it is clean, warm, and far away from your stress and routine.

I invite you to try my tantric massage technique which I have created and practiced for years. I am passionate about what I do because with my massage, I seek to awaken your sensuality and your senses as well as to eroticize your sex life. I am always studying tantra seminary, tantric massage course, Californian massage sense and erotic massage techniques. With me, you will learn to enjoy massages without labels, taboos, pressures and anxiety. You will enjoy your sexuality and enhance your senses. My tantric massage is unique and comfortable.

 What is tantric massage and erotic massage?

Tantra massage and erotic massage is a powerful and effective means that can transform your sexual energy from gross and rude to subtle and mystical. Tantric massage stimulates a cleansing and purification process by employing a powerful source of restorative energy to activate specific points of healing and release.

This therapeutic practice has the ability to reach the root of the blockage. Through the release of blockages, the wake of sexual energy and the dispersion of this vital energy through the body, the person can cure sexual dysfunctions and change their sex life.

The therapy of tantric massage and erotic massage can bring a new breath of life; a release from the claws of the past and a welcome to the future that cultivates genuine and lasting happiness and satisfaction.

It is your chance to experience this practice to achieve a deep satisfaction in love and life.

With Tantric massage in Barcelona, you are connecting with your own energy, each session is unique and I will guide the way so that your body receives the delicate treatment that you need. My massages are not only focused on sexuality, you also need treat the whole body to achieve an immensely pleasant state, to relax and regain energy. This practice is not only for the body but also for the mind and soul. Everybody in life should try a tantric massage and erotic massage.

Tantric massage in Barcelona
Tantric massage in Barcelona

The pleasure of a good erotic tantric massage can bring you back to life.

Benefit of tantric massage

  • You will enjoy the art of caresses.
  • Take out your most sensual side through the senses.
  • You will learn what is a conscious touch.
  • It will help you to know your body and that of your partner, giving way to creativity and breaking the routine.
  • It prolongs pleasure by helping to treat premature ejaculation.
  • It relieves anxiety and depression, filling us with clean and pure energy.
  • It gives us joy and good humor.
  • It will give you the strength to achieve your personal goals.
  • It promotes blood circulation and purifies the body.

You will enjoy the moment and you will fell pleasure!

Important: we only deal with appointments of at least one hour in advance to guarantee availability, either at your hotel room or at our office. Reservations for your tantric massage at the hotel will be attended until 11pm for safety issues.

Tantric massage in Barcelona


Aura is an independent masseuse who has been in tantric massage world for more than 8 years. It can be said that it is one of the best tantra massage alternatives in Barcelona…

Tantric massage in Barcelona


Our tantra massage services in Barcelona are exclusively tantric massages; we do not offer sexual services

Tantric massage in Barcelona


For arranging an appointment, please request it 1 hour in advance to guarantee our availability and plan your tantric massage session in Barcelona successfully…

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