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I am a specialist in tantra massage and erotic​ massage in Barcelona

Thanks to all my knowledge in erotic massage, you will enjoy my hands from the very first second

I am Aura. I am a specialist about tantra massage and erotic massage in Barcelona. Thanks to all my knowledge in Erotic massage you will enjoy my hands from the beginning. I have been working as an erotic masseuse in Barcelona for nine years as a specialist in the world of tantra massage. If you are looking for excellence, discretion, a good erotic and tantra massage you will ask for a massage’s session with me.

I will always welcome you with a sweet smile so that you will feel comfortable from the beginning. You will let yourself be enveloped by my sweetness, femininity and loving treatment.

I invite you to know my own technique that I have developed over the years. I am always training in different courses and seminars: tantra and love, tantric massage’s course, sense Californian massage and techniques about erotic massage and knowledge of other techniques.

Aura is your erotic masseuse in Barcelona. My erotic tantric massage is very slow where you can enjoy unique sensations. It will help you delay the climax so you can feel more pleasure. They are stimulating, intense and private massages. My hands are drops of honey on your skin and in my session, I practice totally naked with hot oil and aromas. I use synthetic feathers because I respect the life of animals. You will feel delicate when I touch your skin awakening your sexual energy and body’s sensitivity.

Increased potential’s orgasmic. When the sexual energy condenses only to the genitals, sex and the climax can be very short. Through the practice therapy’s tantra massage, this energy is dispersed and it becomes more refined and powerful. The higher the energy, the more accessible the state of ecstasy will be.

If you found erotic masseuse in Barcelona, you will call to let my expert hands in the art of tantra massage and erotic massage take you to a whole new world

Break your routine! 

Challenge yourself to try something different with me

How is tantric massage done?

Aura tantra massage is slow and you can enjoy unique sensations. You can delay the climax so that you feel more pleasure. Aura’s tantric massages are stimulating, intense and intimate. Your hands are drops of honey on your skin. In her session, she is totally naked with hot oil and feathers (synthetic). You will feel his delicate body and awaken sexual energy in you.

Enjoy your moment and breathe pleasure!